Goldcrest, Gull and Goldeneye

This was the highlight of my walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve this morning (Fri 27th).

I stood for ages trying to get a clear view of a goldcrest in a tree by the Trent. Along with the firecrest it is Britain’s smallest bird. They dart about so much looking for grubs etc so I was pleased to get one sharp picture – that also shows off the gold crest. The thin beak is ideal for poking about in small crevices – usually in conifers – unlike in this shot which I think is a small silver birch.

These two are the only other reasonable shots.


Also on my walk I had the chance to photograph this black backed gull. I think it’s a ‘greater’ rather than a ‘lesser’ because I think it has pink legs.

Finally, to complete the alliterative trio (hum hum) a goldeneye that came close enough for us to see his orange feet below the water.

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