Pottering around Potteric Carr – Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Spent a full day today at this site near Doncaster – Just off the M18 near the junction with the A1(M). Not a very bright day but at least it stayed dry. Despite the constant roar of traffic on the M18 I did hear a bittern booming quite clearly for much of the morning. Saw a lot of reed buntings and an extraordinary group of five little egrets. Here is a selection of the other spots.


I have seen a kingfisher at this location several times. It is on a fallen tree partially under a railway bridge (the site is crossed by numerous railways).


Long tailed tits were very much in evidence all over the reserve. These are a couple of shots that were both in focus and without motion blur – which is quite an achievement for this actie little bird. You can clearly see a ring on one of them.


A couple of redshank came quite close – you can see why they get the name.

A number of small birds were flitting about the reed beds and bushes near the end of my trek. I think one was a sedge warbler but it wouldn’t pose for a photo. A couple of wrens were around. I think this one could have been displaying for the other one – either as a potential mate or a rival – hence the fanned out tail.

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