Brixham beauties

Just come back from a lovely sunny break in Torquay with a group of friends. It wasn’t a wildlife holiday as such but our day out in Brixham (by ferry – only £2 return!) yielded some interesting shots. We did have a brief glimpse and fuzzy picture of what might have been a shrike, loads of herring gulls, black back gulls and some common gulls – which bizarrely are not ‘common’. The most surprising spot was quite a community of turnstones around the harbour – fulfilling the role of pigeons picking up picnic and takeaway leavings. This is one of the closeups. I have only seen this bird before at a distance doing what their name suggests on the shoreline.

Cormorants were active in and around the harbour.
This is one having a blow dry on a boat’s tiller.

Finally, an atmospheric shot of a yacht emerging from the mist, viewed from the breakwater.

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