Yesterday (Wed) I reportedthe first baby of the year in the garden. It was a dunnock. Today I have seen more, possibly up to three, but they are not all the same. Yesterday’s looks more mature but still more speckled than an adult. Today’s is distinctly more fluffy with an orange beak. They may come from different broods. We have three adults in the garden so this ‘menage a trois’ may mean two nests – typical promiscuity for dunnocks I understand.

This one is the more mature.


If it was green it would be a dead ringer for Orville!

It can feed itself but old habits die hard.

This, I hope, is the curtain raiser for a procession of the young of blackbirds, starlings, various tit and finch species and possibly more. Hopefully Summer is arriving by the end of next week!

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  1. Di Lammas · May 28, 2015



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