Kingfisher looks for new direction.

We’ve just come back from a lovely week on the island of Anglesey. I took a few(!) photographs as you might expect. This is a kingfisher that perched on the wind vane of a boat moored near the Telford suspension bridge over the Menai Straights.


Our cottage overlooked the Maltraeth Estuary on the south west of the island which proved a rich source of wading birds, including many curlews, oyster catchers and the most redshanks I have ever seen in one place.


It was good to see a flock of golden plover as the tide corralled them into the shrinking shallows. The fading black colouring on the bird’s breast is part of the summer plumage.


These little waders are dunlin. It’s a bit grey – it was not a sunny day.


I’ve seen choughs before but never this close. This was picking up crumbs outside the cafe at South Stack RSPB reserve on Holy Island.

I’m planning to post a few butterfly pictures in the next few days.

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