Berry Hungry Blackbird

It is a while since I posted anything on the blog but the weather has not been encouraging. This morning I happened to see this female blackbird jumping from my neighbour’s recycling bin to pick berries off the cotoneaster  hedge. Apparently her mate was doing something similar at another point on the hedge.

I tried to get an action shot of her actually picking berries but the poor light, hence slow exposure, meant any I did get were too blurred.

She looks a little lean. I don’t know if that means she is fit or short of food! I have yet to see any of the migratory thrushes (redwing, fieldfare or mistle thrush). Perhaps it is not cold enough up north do drive them this far south.


One comment

  1. John Haynes · December 3, 2015

    Love the shots on the bin… 😊


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