As I was saying ….. Redwings and Fieldfares

The sunny weather this afternoon was most welcome. It was chilly at ANR but the light was good. Joint flocks of redwings and fieldfares were attacking the red fruits on the hedgerows. Mostly they were  obscured or too far away but I managed some reasonable shots.

These are redwings. The one on the left is taking a drink from the edge of the pond. It is quite well camouflaged and was difficult to spot. The righthand photograph is similar to the ‘November’ picture in my 2015 wildlife calendar- probably taken in the same bush!


The fieldfare is  distinguished from the  redwing by the markings around the head. The fieldfare is pretty much plain grey and the redwing has a very prominent eye stripe.

Finally this young great crested grebe was unusually feeding in the shallows in front of the hide. Its eyes look like amber jewels.




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