Teal Toilette

In the two hour sunny(ish) period this morning I managed a trip down ANR. This solitary teal was performing his ablutions in the early morning light.TealBathing

I was greeted by a song thrush celebrating the morning as I got out of the car. The photograph was taken against the light so it has been tweaked a bit.


There were many fieldfare around. This is one taken in better light than the one in my last post. The blue steak across the picture is a power line in the foreground – strange that we can see through it!


Finally, a few days ago I saw a blue-tit investigating one of our nest boxes from the kitchen window. I saw the same behaviour earlier in the Spring but they didn’t actually nest. I suspect it’s looking for insects.



  1. John Haynes · December 18, 2015

    Lovely pictures


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