Look Mum – Only one hand!


In a brief flurry of activity in the garden this morning we were visited by a small flock (4-5) of these delicate long tailed tits. I managed to get this shot of one of them daintily nibbling on a sunflower kernel whilst hanging onto the bird feeder with its other foot.

It’s only the 2nd of January but so far this month in the garden we have recorded 3 dunnocks, 1 robin, 1 goldcrest, 1 great tit, 1 blue tit, 1 coal tit, 4-5 long tailed tits, 3 blackbirds, 3 wood pigeon, 1 magpie, 5 goldfinch and a green finch.

Looking forward to a bit more sun and more opportunities for wildlife!

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