Wildlife Compilation

Here are some of the birds I have seen over the last week or so.


This is one of a pair of starlings poking about the lawn one frosty morning. I am always amazed how colourful they are.


A distant shot of a male goldeneye at ANR, my first of the year. The golden eye doesn’t show up very well on this picture but the white cheek spot is a good identification point.


I doubt if this oyster catcher was finding any oysters on the bank at ANR but he seemed to be getting enough to eat. Not a common sight so a good spot.


A great black backed gull sunbathing at ANR. Distinguished from its lesser cousin by the colour of its legs. Pink = Great; Yellow = Lesser.


Finally a little egret (my first of the year) at ANR, framed by bullrushes. It is stirring up the bottom with one foot to flush out edible creatures. The rather nice sepia tone is purely accidental.

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