Took the tram to University Park (Highfields) this afternoon  and was treated to good views of a little egret roosting in a tree, a grey wagtail on the path and my first ducklings of the season. But the highlight was extended views of a tree creeper and opportunity to get several good photographs. Treecreepers are one of the few birds that can creep down a tree (the nuthatch is another) but this one chose to fly down after creeping up.


It uses its curved bill to poke in the crevices in the bark of a silver birch.


It chose this point to have a bit of a preen hence the fluffed out feathers.

Finally a couple of profile shots.


  1. John Haynes · April 7, 2016

    The ultimate in camouflage


    • beestonbirdman · April 7, 2016

      If it didn’t show its white breast it would be almost invisible.


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