East Coasting ….

Just come back from a week by the East Coast. I had hoped to see more wildlife, especially at Gibraltar Point NR, but here is a selection.


We had several sightings of linnets. I had no idea that they were so colourful.


This male reed bunting was singing his heart out on the top of a bush.


It was a surprise to see a tree sparrow. This was at a reserve more famous for seals called Donna Nook about half way between Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes.


On a showery days at Gibraltar Point we were delighted to several avocet families with chicks and an oyster catcher with a couple of young. I couldn’t get any decent photographs in view of the conditions but you might be able to make out two avocet chicks sheltering under a parent from the rain with another trying to get in.


  1. John Haynes · June 26, 2016

    At the Measham farm, the only sparrows we saw on the bird food were tree sparrows. On moving to Heather, we only saw house sparrows. Odd?


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