Black Tailed Godwits @ Rutland

Despite the doubtful weather I had a good time at Rutland Water on the first day of July. Several pairs of great crested grebe were observed with young which was a first for this year. Saw a number of waders (avocet, redshank, green sandpiper) but the best spot was this pair of black tailed godwits. I had to wait nearly an hour for them to wake up to get some reasonable photos.


An osprey caused general commotion by flying over a couple of times and I managed to get some fleeting shots. I’ve posted this out-of-focus one just to give you an idea of how close it came.



  1. John · July 2, 2016

    Two special shots, Ray.


    • beestonbirdman · July 2, 2016

      You are quick off the mark! That was a better view of the osprey that when I have been to the South Shore specially to see it!


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