How many herons in a rowing boat?


Took some shots of birds perching on the rowing boats in Nottingham University Park Lake today. It wasn’t until I downloaded onto the laptop that I realised that there was something odd about this picture. How many herons can you see? I’ll post another picture with the answer in a while. 😉

UPDATE 2 hours later


It was only when I looked at this shot, taken from a different angle that I realised that there were two herons – in adjacent boats. They were obviously both preening and only had one head up between them at any one time. Perhaps I should have counted the legs and divided by two! I would not have expected two adult herons to sit so close together without a bit of aggression.

One comment

  1. Ian Bishton · October 22, 2016

    It’s two; nearer one has its head under its wing. I know there is a class of boat called a heron dingy, but this isn’t it, so this picture isn’t really, really sneaky. Thanks for the very entertaining snapshot though.


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