Garden Visitors

As we are forecast to have a run of dull (if mild) days from tomorrow I took advantage of the bright spell to observe a lot of activity in the garden today. We seem to be getting regular visits from a couple of goldcrests. They like our neighbour’s cedar trees. I have some pictures but they are so active it is difficult to avoid motion blur. I will persist.

A couple of starlings paid a visit to the birdbath. Good job I thawed it out first thing!

Among the other visitors was a growing number of goldfinches. I thought this shot was worth sharing. It was tucking into our faded Michaelmas daisy heads which is a good excuse not to be too tidy in the garden. This  forms my current desk-top background.

I’m informed by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust that the conditions are favourable for an ‘irruption’ of waxwings from Scandinavia. Look out for them wherever there are trees with berries – like Rowans.

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