Another amble around Attenborough

It was pot luck with the light today (Thursday) but as we are in for more wet and windy over the next few days it was worth trying my luck down ANR. I had a close encounter with a pair of Egyptian geese on the grass near where I parked the car, views of female goosander, red crested pochard, shell duck and extended views of a beautifully lit little egret as well as a very tame robin virtually asking to be fed from my hand – which it did.


I was pleased to get this well lit shot of a female goosander out of the water. Most of its kind have moved on, presumably to their breeding area.

This little egret was very busy stirring up the mud with its amazing yellow feet and picking off what it disturbed. The reflections are very pleasing.


Finally, I heard a kerfuffle in the hedgerow and saw a pigeon fly away. Then saw this female sparrowhawk  in the hedge bottom. I’m not sure which of us was the more surprised. I expect she was frustrated at missing her afternoon snack. This was the best of three shots I managed before she gathered herself together and flew off.

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