Colourful Carsington

As part of our mini-break in Derbyshire this week we re-visited Carsington Water. We had brief glimpses of what we were told was a northern diver – a first for us but not terribly exciting as the glimpses were very brief. We had better views of a chiff-chaff, reed bunting and tree sparrows and extended views of some colourful waders.

Oyster catcher, red shank and lapwing

Some fellow birders told us of some barnacle geese nearby. They were in a mixed  flock with Canada geese. I have seen the odd one before but to see so many is special.


Barnacle and Canada geese have some similarities but  you can see from these views that the black plumage on the neck extends further onto the body in the barnacle goose (right) and it’s face is almost entirely white unlike that of it’s Canadian cousin.

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