Radipole Lake NR – Weymouth

On our recent stay in Weymouth with Bestwood Male Voice Choir we were pleased to discover  Radipole Lake RSPB nature reserve within 15 minutes walk of our hotel. The attractive visitor centre had a thatched roof incorporating a pair of swans.

Marsh Harriers are a common sight over the reed beds and we had some good sightings but the best picture is the one on the front of the visitor centre (above).

Within minutes of arriving we were treated to the sight of a Hooded Merganser, a bird we have never seen before. On further enquiry we found that it is a solitary visitor from North America. No one knows how it arrived but apparently he has been around the reserve for some eight years.

There was a good sprinkling of the more common ducks, including some unusually coloured Mallard, but I could not resist sharing a shot of this rather splendid drake.


Finally we saw what I presume to be  some carp spawning in the lake. They seem to be a good size judging from this shot.

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