June Jamboree

June has been quite fruitful for wildlife watching – and it is only the 16th! Less common species seen in the garden have been a couple of house sparrows and a male bullfinch. The sunshine encouraged a couple of birds to sunbathe; dunnock and blackbird in a rather contorted fashion.



A number of young members of the tit family have visited the feeders, including this young blue tit.


The yellowish tint is typical of juvenile tits. Hope you like improvised  perch to facilitate access to the fat/seed cage.

These are some of my spots on a walk down Attenborough NR on 15th. It was a bit blustery and the sun came and went but there was plenty to see – especially Canada geese who seem to have bred abundantly.


I was surprised to see a pair of tufted duck occupying what was a coot’s nest near the visitor centre. Let’s hope they have success. It looks like the red crested pochard pair might be queuing  for when the nest becomes vacant!


I think these are  gadwall ducklings with mum but it is difficult be sure as most female ducks are very similar.


I took a shot at some movement in the undergrowth which turned out to be a white-throat clinging to a cow parsley stem.


This grey heron stood for a long time opposite one of the screens. It caught just one small fish in the time I watched it. I makes a change to have a contrasting back-ground which, I think, sets off this specimen quite well.

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