The Longest Day …………

I took a walk down Attenborough NR today. What struck me most was the sheer abundance of new life – admittedly mostly Canada geese but there were cygnets and ducklings to see.


This mallard duckling was one of a family of seven I was pleased to encounter on my walk. It looks quite severe and doesn’t seem quite waterproof yet.


This great crested grebe on its nest is the only evidence of them breeding I have seen so far this year.I look forward to seeing their humbug-like offspring hitching a lift on their parents’ backs before too long.

I was pleased to see several little egrets and a variety of small birds like this willow warbler and reed buntings as well as the usual water birds – some of them very noisy. There was a report of a red kite but I didn’t see it.

In the garden we have had visits by a family of starlings including about 5 young but my last offering in this post is a plant – in our garden – which we notice has just flowered.


We call it the bottle-brush plant. We have no idea how it arrived in our garden but its brush-like flowers are a delight. The number of buds on adjacent stems are the promise of more flowers to come. Let’s hope they attract insects like the buddleia that is also just flowering.



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