More Attenborough Ambling

In the gap between the downpours today (22/07) I was pleased to get some reasonable views of the wildlife at Attenborough, mostly birds but I did see a froglet, about 1 cm long, a number of butterflies and dragonflies. A kestrel obligingly landed on a post  and green and common sandpiper were visible from the two hides; but the following pictures show the best spots.


This is a female blackcap. The female has a rusty red rather than a blackcap. I think this is a juvenile. It rather nicely set off by the surrounding fruit and foliage.


I couldn’t resist taking yet another shot of a little egret. Note the yellow feet.


Finally I had another look at a great crested grebe nest I have seen previously and the sitting bird had the courtesy to stand up and re-arrange the eggs enabling me to see the size of her potential family. Let’s hope both eggs hatch successfully.


One comment

  1. Joy Rice · July 22, 2017

    Raymond, your photos of birds always bring a smile to my face. You really capture the birds perfectly in a great setting. I always enjoy receiving an email from you as I know that I’m just a click away from a beautiful bird. Thanks you!


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