Great Spot …………………… ted Woodpecker

I suppose I should apologise for posting yet another picture of a great spotted woodpecker – but this one is a bit special.  I thought I might get a closer shot if I drilled some holes in the bird feeder post and filled them with suet bock impregnated with mealworms. This female is a regular visitor and soon found my tasty temptations. Yesterday (Thu 9th) she presented me with a lovely profile view.
Of course I took several shots (including a video) and, as this feeder post is only 3 paces from my regular seat in front of the laptop, they are some of the best I have ever taken.

If you want to see the video please follow this link.

Another close-up taken on Sunday 12th


Of course other wildlife is attracted to this food such as squirrels and this magpie, but only the woodpecker is adapted to take full advantage.


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