Nuthatch and more……

A bright but cold morning drew me once again to my favourite nature reserve at Attenborough on Tuesday 28th. My first spot was of a redwing perched in a silver birch . It was some way away but I managed some reasonable shots.


You can see a hint of the red under the wing that shows up so well when they fly. I have only to see a fieldfare to complete the set of migratory thrushes this winter.

Alongside the River Trent I paused at a bird table to see if I could tempt a robin to feed from my hand but it was more interested in the nut/seed mix I had put on the table as were other birds, including a couple of nuthatches,

I was almost frozen to the spot as I took full advantage of such a close view of such a lovely bird. These four are the best of many shots I was able to get.


At another bird table someone had placed a mossy log to make a more ‘natural’ setting and I managed this rather pleasing shot of a marsh tit. The marsh tit is very similar to the willow tit but can be distinguished by its glossy cap and the light colour on the cutting edge of its beak.

PS These tufted ducks look as if they are smiling!


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