Kingfisher and Kestrel

Supplement to posting – Tree Creeper  Wednesday 7th Highfields 

It remained still long enough for me to get several non blurred images.

Original Posting – Attenborough Nature Reserve – Monday 5th March

The first good spot was this kingfisher, seen from the Delta Hide. It was fishing in the reed bed some 40 metres away but flew to the perch placed right in front of the hide when disturbed by a crow foraging its way through the reed bed. You can see it is a male by its totally black bill. The female has orange ‘lipstick’ on the lower bill.


As I started on the return journey alongside the Trent a kestrel gave me opportunity to take lots of portraits and a couple of action shots.


As I am compiling this posting I have just noticed the reason for its horizontal stance. This is not what I meant by an ‘action shot’. Incidentally the kingfisher also made a deposit as it flew away from me. What a day!

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