Weymouth Wildlife

The highlight of a recent short break in Weymouth was our first ever sighting of a Great Egret. In fact we saw three together at the RSPB Radipole Lake reserve. This is a couple of them in a somewhat balletic movement.


Among the waders visible from the visitor centre was this Lesser Yellowlegs – far from its native America.


Walking along the shoreline we observed Turnstones doing exactly what their name suggests in order to pick off what was driven in by the breaking surf. They are very well camouflaged against the shingle.


At the other Weymouth RSPB reserve, Lodmoor, numerous Black Tailed Godwits including what appeared to be juveniles were visible from quite close range.


Finally a non water bird perched on some wooden railings at Lodmoor. It’s a female Stonechat. Its mate was also visible but rater obscured by vegetation so no pictures.

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