The Sand Martins Return

Despite less than ideal weather conditions I had a rewarding walk around ANR today. The last spot was from the Sand Martin Hide which is situated between two artificial nest walls. There were more martins than I could count but I suspect many more are en-route. Here are a couple of shots of birds in flight, taken through a double glazing at an angle so not brilliant quality.

On my way into the reserve I spied a mistle thrush feeding on one of the flood protection banks.

Trying to tempt a robin to feed from my hand I had my second experience of a great tit perching on my hand. Later on I saw one robin feeding another – unfortunately the picture I took was too blurry – unlike this great tit shot.

Finally, I mentioned in my last posting that the kestrel box was occupied with the male keeping guard. This is still the case and I was able to get a better picture today. Hopefully some young will appear before too long.

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