Another Reddish Duck

Following the usual rule of looking where all the other birders are pointing their lenses I had my first ever sighting of a Ferruginous Duck at ANR today. There were actually two, likely to be a pair. They are quite rare so it was a good spot.

It is said that one swallow doesn’t make a summer. I saw at least 10 on the wires over the horse field on my way into the reserve so that’s a good sign. Mind you it certainly didn’t feel like Summer. Here’s a selection.

I also saw some White Wagtails in the same field. They are very similar to the Pied Wagtails typically seen in paved areas like car parks but have grey rather than black around their ‘shoulders’. They were quite distant so no pictures worth sharing.

Finally someone told me about a Little Ringed Plover on the Ridge & Furrow Field. This area was designed to encourage waders so it was in the right place. It is distinguished from the Ringed Plover (apart from its size) by the golden ring around the eye.

I am pleased to say that my driving licence has been restored so I am looking forward to birding further afield before too long – watch this space!

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