A Family Affair

Apart from a short window in the weather on Sunday 9th when we had an amble around Attenborough NR the weather has hardly been conducive to bird watching. However, as often happens, bad weather drives birds into gardens where there are easy pickings at bird tables and the like. The most numerous visitors have been starlings, including a lot of young but the most spectacular have been great spotted woodpeckers.

L to R – Mum in the apple tree, Dad with red patch on the back of his head and then the two children with full red caps. I have only seen two juveniles together so I presume this is the whole family.

I have loads of pictures including these two shots taken this morning. It looks like the one on the left might be a male as he seems to be developing a red patch on the back of his head – ‘just like his father.’

This is what they are going for in the main. I smear it on the post and in holes I have drilled. When this runs out they go for the half coconuts – if they can get past the starlings.

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