Little & Large

Being a sunny day (02/03) I spent most of it at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

I was pleased to see a ‘little’ bird that I have not seen for some time. This Nuthatch was contemplating trying some of the seed I had put on a bird table but I always prefer to photograph birds in a ‘natural’ setting like this.

At the other end of the scale the ‘large’ bird picture of the day was of one of three Buzzards that gave a good aerobatic display over the eastern end of the reserve where I was mainly photographing the Stonechats (again).

You may be interested to know that the Peregrine Falcons are nesting again on the Newton Building of Nottingham Trent University (my Alma Mater). is the web cam link but please be aware that when they start feeding the chicks (on the local pigeons) it might get a bit gory.

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