Starling Murmuration at ANR

I was just about to leave Attenborough Nature Reserve on Thursday this week when I observed a starling murmuration further into the reserve, I hurried down the main path to try and get a better view. By this time it was getting dark but I managed some shots and video clips. Here are two still photos. They are not the best quality because of the poor light, hence long exposure, leading to blurred images.

I made a return visit on Friday around 4:00pm. It was overcast and though the starlings turned up on cue they did very little murmurating – each group tending to head straight for their roost soon after arriving. I did, however, manage a reasonable video clip even though the flock was small. I can’t add video clips directly to the blog but this link will display it on another website.

The murmuration seems fairly predictable between 4:00 and 5:00 so I may well get another opportunity to witness this spectacular event and maybe get some better pictures and video clips.


  1. Aubrey · January 24, 2021

    Great Stuff. Never ever seen a bearded Tit.


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