Garden Visitors

Since I have started feeding the birds in the garden again the word has slowly got round that the Kingrove Café is open for business. Here is a selection of our customers, mostly attracted by the peanut butter mix I put on the feeder woodwork.

This goldcrest has been visiting the garden from when we first started putting out food. Along with the firecrest the goldcrest is the UK’s smallest bird.

Bluetits and great tits are regular visitors. I have put ‘natural’ branches on the feeder post rather than worked timber to give a more natural look to my pictures. I think this works particularly well with the bluetit picture above. Maybe one for next year’s calendar?

This solitary male blackbird has been around for a couple of weeks. This shot was taken this Sunday morning.

Finally, for this posting, here is another link to a starling murmuration video clip taken on Thursday.


  1. Pamela Meese · January 24, 2021

    Lovely pictures p


  2. David Legge · January 25, 2021

    How jealous we are!
    We get a blackbird in our garden, sometimes a robin and that is it.
    The five cats that patrol regularly keep birds well off the ground!
    Such a change from Sherwood where we had a wealth of different species.
    We saw a Goldcrest in a bush in Gedling Country Park about this time last year – but it did not pose for us.


  3. beestonbirdman · January 25, 2021

    Thanks for commenting. We have a black cat that visits the garden – footprints in the snow this morning – but it doesn’t seem to bother the birds. No finches yet but we live in hope.


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