Corvid Collection

Yesterday (Monday 25th), as forecast, was a lovely bright day with the garden still covered in snow., one of the few times my lawn looks as good as the neighbours’. My first task was to unfreeze the birdbath and clear the bird feeders of snow. I also put out extra food and loaded our newly acquired bird table with sunflower hearts. I think I will soon have to order some more. (I recommend ‘Little Peckers’ – 30kg for £37.95 including carriage – bargain!).

We had a few new visitors in the garden (e.g. female blackbird) as well as the tits and the goldcrest. Today I thought I would feature two members of the Corvid family, (not to be confused with Covid!). I photographed these two members of the crow family from the comfort of my office chair.

This magpie was poking about in the snow looking for something to eat. They are not just black and white. If you look at the tail there is a distinct green sheen.

The sunlight really shows up the glossy plumage of this carrion crow sunning itself in next door’s cedar.

Not a member of the corvid family this green woodpecker visited the garden on a similar day in March 2018. They feed mainly on ants but I doubt if there were any under this blanket of snow.

Again not a crow but as I was typing a group of 5 or 6 black headed gulls swooped down to pick up some crumbled crackers I had thrown on the lawn this morning. Normally they are reluctant to enter enclosed spaces like a fenced garden but clearly hunger overcame fear. The black head is part of their summer plumage. All that remains in winter is small black spot.

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