This is the first posting I have made on my new Hewlett-Packard lap top. 🙂

I had thought that this goldcrest, the UK’s smallest, might have perished in the cold nights following that snowy weekend a few weeks ago but as you can see it is alive and pecking. The white paste on the post is a peanut butter with mealworms for birds that I buy from Wilko’s. The birds (and squirrels) love it and I’ve attracted many species including great spotted woodpeckers into the garden- see below.

This is a triptych of great spotted woodpeckers that visited the garden in Spring 2019. From left to right: male with a red patch on the back of the head, female, no red patch and one of their two young ones, red cap which fades as it matures. I submitted it to the Bird Watching magazine and they published it with my description taking up most of a page. Fame at last!


  1. David Legge · February 4, 2021

    Fame indeed!
    If that keeps up you’ll be charging us for viewing your website!
    New laptop – I am jealous, my old Dell is still not quite bad enough to replace.
    Are you still using the Lumix DMC FZ200 camera?


  2. beestonbirdman · February 4, 2021

    Hi David – you are quick off the mark. I actually use a Canon PowerShot sx70HS. It had a 65x zoom! Thanks for responding. Hope you are both well.


  3. Ruth Kempson · February 4, 2021

    Beautiful pictures of the woodpeckers & well done. As you say “fame at last!’


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