A Bird in the Hand ………………

Another post from the archive today folks. A friend recently sent me a picture of his wife feeding a robin on her hand at Attenborough. The robins at ANR are particularly friendly and often will feed from the hand, especially in winter. This made me recall the few occasions when other birds have dared to land on my hand for an easy snack as well as the many occasions when robins have done so.

One of many robins that have have fed from my hand over the years at ANR. This was taken in February 2020.

A ‘one off’ experience of a bluetit taking the plunge and daring to land on my hand for some sunflower hearts in February 2020.

Finally, in September 2019, this rather handsome great tit was attracted by some easy pickings, again sunflower hearts, .

It is rather special to have a wild creature trusting you enough to risk landing on your hand. It really gives me a buzz. 🙂 I took all of these pictures myself, holding and operating the camera with my right hand with the fold-out viewing screen suitably angled and pre-focussed on my outstretched left hand with the seeds in my palm. A sort of reversed selfie, if you see what I mean. 😉


  1. Pamela Meese · February 6, 2021



  2. beestonbirdman · February 6, 2021

    Thanks Pam – not much chance of birdwatching in this weather.


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