Another posting from the archive

I took this photograph of a cuckoo near the Kingfisher Hide at ANR in July 2014. It was published in the Nottingham Post in May 2019.

A family of great spotted woodpeckers visited garden in June 2019. Female (black head) Male (red patch on head) Juveniles (red cap). They are attracted by the peanut butter mix in holes drilled in the post.

It is difficult to appreciate the size of this lesser spotted woodpecker from a photograph but it may surprise you to know that it is the same size as a house sparrow. This is a male with a red cap. Wollaton Park I photographed in April 2019.

The green woodpecker completes our trio of woodpeckers native to the UK. The adult (top) was feeding on ants on the lawn in October 2018 and the juvenile perched on our fence in August 2015. I’m particularly pleased with the juvenile picture. It looks spectacular don’t you think. – look at that menacing eye!

I hope you enjoy this selection of pictures from my archive. I will be posting some new pictures in the next few days. A special welcome to newcomers to the blog. Do scroll down to view more postings. Enjoy!

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