Garden Action

From my comfortable chair behind double glazing I am able to observe the wildlife in the garden especially during our recent sunny but cold days. Here are some significant spots photographed in the last few days.

This goldcrest is an established resident in the garden. I took this picture with the camera on a tripod and used the remote shutter release. This has eliminated camera shake and makes for a lovely sharp image.

Normally gulls are very shy and if they do land it is only for a split second to grab an edible morsel. This is the first time this many have come down into the garden. I had put out some chicken remains and they were on it like a flash. There is an odd gull out. the one silhouetted against the fence. It has grey and black plumage on its wings. I am waiting for expert identification but it is definitely not a black headed gull.

Another first. This is one of four male blackbirds playing chase around the garden. I suspect it is pausing for breath or standing guard over his territory.

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