Test posting No. 1

I am testing a procedure that will make sharing of my blog postings to people who are not signed up followers of beetonbirdman.blog simpler and more efficient. I will be making a number of mini postings over the next few days. I will make them educational and hopefully interesting..

Some time ago I saw this lesser black backed gull (left) standing on the ridge of a building I can see from our garden. Given we are at least 2 miles away from any body of water this is an unusual sighting. They are not that common anyway. being seen only occasionally at ANR. In the winter black headed gulls are always gliding overhead and hesitantly swooping into the garden. Last week I threw out some chicken scraps and down came the black headed gulls swoop lower and lower until one of them dares to land only for a moment to bag a tasty morsel. Can you spot the odd gull out? Is it a lesser black backed gull? What do you think?

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