Black Bird Quiz – Answers

Alpine Choughs (pronounced chuffs) photographed in Switzerland within sight of the Matterhorn will take food from your hand

Choughs are typically found on rocky coasts with short grassland in coast of Wales, Ireland and The Isle of Man.

Juvenile blackbirds take after their mother when hatched but you can see that this one is male because of the developing black tail feathers.

You will see more black headed gulls inland in Winter. They only have black heads in the mating season and the chicks are well camouflaged.

Black tailed godwits photographed at Cley Marsh in Norfolk.

This male blackbird is struggling to feed because of the snow, Please remember to feed the birds. Make water available when it’s frosty.

Perhaps your local pub. πŸ™‚

Twin brother of the one above. πŸ™‚

great or less?

This is a lesser black backed gull.

The same alpine choughs as above but they have changed places. πŸ™‚


  1. Lesley Leivers · February 17, 2021

    Thanks Raymond, enjoyed the quiz. Got the lesser backed black gull!


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