Something Small, Cute, Golden and New

Three such species have been spotted in our garden over recent days. Here is a selection of some of the best shots, all taken from the comfort of my office chair. through the window. If you make them welcome the wildlife will come to you!

Both cute and small a pair of long tailed tits have been regulars at the feeding station (and the bird bath) for several weeks. They rarely stay still for long so these views are rather special.

Next something new. I haven’t seen a redpoll in the garden, or anywhere else, for a long time. Here are two shots of a female that visited the sunflower hearts feeder on Friday (5th). The name literally means red head (poll as in poll tax grrrrrrh!) The male has a much more pronounced red head marking. I have heard reports of repolls in a neighbouring garden so I live in hope that we might see more of this scarce member of the finch family.

Finally, something both cute and small, The goldcrest is the UK’s smallest bird along with its much rarer cousin the firecrest. These two shots show the gold crest off rather well, I have taken mossy branches from the wild to give my photographs a more natural setting.

I am pleased to welcome a steady stream of new followers and viewers to the blog. Just a day or so ago our first follower from outside the UK joined our number which currently stands at 61. If you enjoy Beeston Birdman’s wildlife pictures then please recommend to your friends and family. Especially welcome will be more followers from outside the UK. Stay safe and enjoy the natural world!

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