Attenborough Adventures

Spending the morning of Saturday (6th) at Attenborough Nature Reserve I was pleased to get some distant views of several male and female goldeneye, one possibly performing a mating ritual. From the bridge on the main path I observed a pair of goosanders, my first of the season. Chaffinches, robins and dunnock were quite numerous.

The shoveller is quite a heavy duck with a large bill specialised for gathering microscopic food from on or just below the surface of the water. The one pictured above was seen in the ridge and furrow area designed to encourage waders. They are quite colourful especially when they reveal their bright orange feet. The circling motion is typical of their feeding behaviour – seen in March 2018 from the Delta Hide at ANR.

The robins at ANR are usually comehitherish depending on how hungry they are. I had several attempts to get a robin to take up the offer of free food without success until this sweetie decided to take the plunge. I managed a couple of good pictures shown above. The video is from a similar experience in Feb 2018.

Finally, I disturbed this little egret while trying to get a closer view but I managed a reasonable shot as it flew.

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