Just Robins

One of the things I like about birdwatching is the opportunity to interact with other birders and anyone who might be interested in wildlife. I have learned most of what I know about bird recognition by simply asking someone, usually with binoculars or a camera, what it is they are looking at. Also when trying to pick out an unusual bird several pairs of eyes are better than just one. I remember on a visit to Old Moor RSPB reserve in Yorkshire in 2019 someone shouting ‘Bittern’ which enabled me to take some of my best shots of this shy member of the heron family. On my recent visit to ANR I met up with a fellow photographer (Danny) and exchanged some comments about what was on show. When I managed to persuade a robin to feed from my hand Danny took this picture of me. You can see how I manged to get the views I did. Special thanks to Danny for allowing me to use this photograph which gives an added insight into the techniques I use.

I am unashamedly taking this opportunity to share some of my many portraits of this photogenic bird.

These were taken at ANR, the first two on this visit.

The first picture was taken recently in the garden and the second about a year ago, also in the garden, while I was emptying the compost bin which was a wriggling mass of worms.

It is always a delight to see young birds in the garden. With the exception of the bottom left image these pictures of young robins were taken in the garden. You can see the developing red breast in the bottom two pictures.


  1. LL · March 10, 2021

    Love the robin photos Raymond. One of my favourite birds.


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