Black and Black and White

Here is a selection of birds seen in or from the garden that are black or white or a bit of both.

These are jackdaws perched on a neighbour’s TV ariel. I hear their ‘chow chow’ call frequently but they don’t come into the garden. Apart from size their distinguishing feature is grey plumage around the head.

Crows only visit the garden occasionally and are easily spooked. They are pretty much all black.

Related to jackdaws and crows (Corvids) the magpie is mainly black and white but also has blue feathers and a greenish sheen on its long tail. I saw one carrying a piece of nesting material the other day so they are thinking about breeding. The image on the right is a young magpie begging to be fed which I saw in the garden in July 2015 showing a great deal more blue plumage.

Black headed gulls are becoming bolder, frequently swooping on any larger edible items on the lawn. They are very fond of any scraps from the Sunday joint. I think the one in the middle could be saying, ‘What do you mean, don’t speak with your mouth full?’

Finally for this posting I noticed this (Mothering Sunday) morning that our tiny pond (a shower tray let into the lawn) is full of frogspawn. Let’s hope we don’t get any more frost so they stand a chance of survival.

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