A Home of their Own

In the days leading up to the Easter weekend I have observed crows and starlings gathering nesting material in the garden so it is clearly coming up to the breeding season for them. I have included in this posting some more pictures of nest building activity from my archive.

A pair of starlings made repeated visits to this part of the garden where dry montbretia foliage from last year was available. If you need an excuse not to be too tidy in the garden ………… but I have since mowed the lawn!

I noticed a pair of crows hopping around the lawn on Maundy Thursday. One then perched on the apple tree and I was able to see that they too were after nesting material rather than foraging for food. You can just see some new shoots on the apple tree. Let’s hope for a good crop this year.

On one of my last trips to Wollaton Park before the first lockdown (Jan 2020) a pair of rose ringed parakeets were investigating a couple of holes in a dead tree presumably as a possible nest site.

Also in Wollaton Park, but in April 2018, I photographed a pair of jackdaws taking twigs into their chosen nest hole.

I suspect that this nuthatch was adapting what might have been a former woodpecker’s nest hole for its own use. It was taking beakfuls of mud to make the entrance smaller presumably to deter predators. I saw this in Highfields (University) Park in April 2015.


  1. Hilary Griffiths · April 3, 2021

    Fascinating! (I still have no takers for the fleece I put out for my birds!)

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. beestonbirdman · April 3, 2021

    Keep leaving it out. They will appreciate it.


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