Easter Expedition to Attenborough

Starting out from home in bright sunlight I was a bit perturbed to find only 10 minutes later the sun disappeared and a layer of mist over the ponds.

This is the view from the bridge on the main path around 9:00am. A slight breeze rolled the mist across the water, eventually dispersing it but the sun was reluctant to come out for much of the morning.

The atmospheric conditions were just right for keeping insects near the water surface so that the newly arrived sand martins could feed with ease. These are the first of the Hirundinidae, (swifts, swallows and martins) that I have seen. The arrival of these summer migrants is a welcome sight. Can you name the duck in the background near the end of this clip?

A robin laying claim to its territory in full throated song.

Another first of the season. This single Egyptian gosling was being carefully shepherded by its attentive parents. I suspect that the rest of the brood has been predated.

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