Wonderful Wollaton Park

A sunny day (6th April) drew me again to Wollaton Park, thankfully before winter decided to make an re-appearance in the afternoon with sleet and snow. These fallow deer make a pleasing image contentedly grazing in the early morning light.

Heading for a good viewing point to observe the island heronry my eye was caught by movement in the trees which turned out to be a busy tree creeper. Along with another bird watcher I spent a good 20 minutes taking many photos. This is a selection from the clearest. Note how its mottled plumage camouflages it against the bark in top right image.

The heronry is a sight to behold consisting of a large number of nests containing juveniles at various stages of development. Some were either sunbathing or looking out for their next meal – or perhaps a bit of both.

I’m grateful to one of our 67 blog followers, Mirek, for allowing me to include this splendid picture of a heron in flight that he took at the weekend.

I first saw this female great spotted woodpecker drumming on a dead tree trunk. It then started foraging in the branches above my head.

To round off a very successful visit I was delighted to see this pair of mandarin ducks quite close and in good light.

Percy Parrot says if you enjoy BB’s wildlife pictures why not tell your friends and relations about the blog. Especially welcome would be more followers from overseas. We often get viewers from Australasia, EU countries, Russia, China and the USA so we know the interest is out there. 🙂

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