“J” is for Jay

Around lunchtime yesterday (15/04) I caught sight of a large bird with a white rump taking off from the lawn and landing initially on the fence. It moved around and also perched on the apple tree affording some more natural views. It was only after taking numerous photos that I saw that in fact there were two of these handsome jays paying us a visit.

Not being able to catch them close together I’ve highlighted them in this wide angle shot.

These may be shots of just one of the birds or both of them. I cannot see any distinguishing marks on either.

On checking the statistics I noted that the blog had been viewed in five different countries just yesterday. This prompted me to check the numbers over the last few weeks. In addition to the countries above, since 1st March, people have viewed the blog in Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Philippines, Latvia, France, Czechia, Italy, Australia, South Korea and Canada, a total of 15. Greetings to you all! It would be great to get some foreign followers. 🙂

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