A Double First in the Garden

This afternoon (Thursday 29th) we had a visit from a female great spotted woodpecker closely followed by a male house sparrow, both first sightings in the garden for 2021.

The lack of a red patch on the back of its head identifies this bird as female. I am particularly please with this sighting because in 2019 we had a whole family of GSW’s visiting the garden feeders (see below) and now this one has found us she might her brood for some free food.

This triptych is made up of some of the many views I had of the GSW family in 2019. The juveniles have the distinctive red cap which fades as they mature and the male sports a red patch on the back of his head. A different version of this picture was published in Birdwatching magazine which was a small claim to fame. 🙂 In the right hand picture you can see the holes drilled in the post which I fill with a peanut butter mix to attract woodpeckers in particular.

While processing the woodpecker pictures the other new visitor popped in for a drink, checked out the coconut shell contents and then tucked in. Though I often see them in nearby hedges, house sparrows are infrequent visitors to our garden.

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