A Busy First Week of May

We now seem to have a resident pair of house sparrows nesting nearby judging by the feathers they are gathering from the lawn. This is a first since we have been taking notice of the wildlife in the garden.

A magpie made short work of the remains of our Sunday joint.

This handsome jackdaw seems quite at home making use of the bird feeders. They are normally quite shy but we are seeing it often.

Goldfinches don’t often come to the feeding station, generally preferring the feeders on the apple tree. This one struck a few poses in very good light enabling me to take some clear pictures.

A pair of great crested grebe doing a bit of pair bonding at ANR. The bright spots are water droplets scattered by their ritualistic head shaking.

The NTU peregrine chick, hatched on Thursday 6th, seems to be thriving. One of the web cams is now zoomed in and also has sound so the chick can be heard as well as seen begging for food.

Keep an eye on ‘Perry’s Progress’ by following this link. Peregrine Nest Cam | Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust


  1. Jen Darling · May 8, 2021

    Just wondered if you will tell us which was which of the unusual bird poses. I’d just like to know how many I’ve got wrong! Jen



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