Solution to ‘Birds from Odd Angles’ Quiz

In case you couldn’t identify all of my feathered friends from these pictures here they are again with captions.

The waxwing migrates to the UK from Scandinavia in late winter/early Spring if the weather is bad in its home territory. It is a treat to see them feasting on Rowan berries or when I saw them at ANR in March 2017 (my one and only sighting) on wild rosehips. The baby goldfinch is being fed by the adult above it on our apple tree. I didn’t expect anyone except an experienced bird watcher to recognise the ferruginous duck. Again this is a once only sighting (ANR April 2019). It was one of a pair – see picture (of the female) below. According to Wikipedia they are from ‘Eurosiberia’ and the name derives from the colour of rust (Fe – iron, ferrous). Now you know more than I do about this foreign duck. 😉


  1. Jen Darling · May 9, 2021

    Thank you Raymond. I started off well then went to pot. Not sure that 6 out of 12 is a pass at GCSE nowadays! Jen



  2. beestonbirdman · May 9, 2021

    That’s a pass. Anything over 45% was enough when I took my GCE’s


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