May Miscellany

Firstly I am grateful to two fellow Twitter users for agreeing to me sharing these delightful images, on a common theme, that they tweeted over the weekend.

Mute swan with 8 cygnets tweeted by Kym @Kymmiegwelsh. Screenshot taken from a video clip
Goosander with duckling on board tweeted by Andy Hall @piedfly99
Female house sparrow shaking off the rain on Saturday

A selection of garden visitors over the last 7 days. The butterfly is a green veined white.

And finally I looked up from my laptop as I was preparing this posting and saw a hedgehog nibbling away at the foot of the bird feeder post. It looks in very good condition. Let’s hope it has lots of little hoglets 🙂

PS View from my back door 18:30 May 10th followed by a short but heavy shower.

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